Caring for Sterling Silver

In order to maximize its beauty, sterling silver needs proper care. It is important to store and clean it correctly. Here are a few storage tips -

  • Store your sterling silver jewelry in a sealed container. One alternative to the traditional jewelry box is clear fishing tackle boxes. That may seem a little odd, but they are a wonderful way to protect your sterling silver jewelry from the air (which can make it tarnish) and also keep your pieces separate and untangled.
  • Along that line - try to keep your pieces in their own sections of whatever container you choose. It not only prevents damage and tangles, it also makes it easier to see the jewelry you have (a definite help in the morning if you're running out of time). I tend to keep 2 or 3 pieces in each section of my tackle/jewelry box. I can still tell what I have, but the jewelry doesn't get tangled or crowded.
  • It is very important to avoid making any sharp creases in your strung jewelry. You can leave a permanent bend in the wire. When placing your jewelry in a box, make sure that you coil it lightly to prevent kinks in the wire.
  • Earrings are a little more difficult to store. If you have a lot, like I do, it's hard to keep track of everything. Some people like to hang their earrings on wire screens. While this is convenient (and pretty), this can allow sterling silver pieces to tarnish. For the most part, I keep my earrings in a tackle box. If I know that a certain pair of earrings may be more likely to get tangled or damaged, I make sure to keep them separate. You can even place them in a small baggie for extra protection.
  • Finally, you can buy hanging jewelry organizers with pockets. It is difficult to find one that zips, but they do exist.