To the Creations by Oh! Kari! blog! I'm Kari and I'm so glad you stopped by. Creations by Oh! Kari! offers handmade jewelry made from the finest materials. We're expanding soon to include handmade accessories for your home, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated on the latest news. I'll also be sharing pictures of pieces that are only available for order on this blog. In addition, I'll be answering frequently asked questions and giving you jewelry and design tips and tricks.

A little about my style -
My work is done almost entirely in sterling silver. You'll also see a lot of Swarovski crystal in my jewelry - it's my favorite material. My work is very feminine, but I add a funky twist to some of my pieces. I enjoy a variety of styles, and it shows in my pieces. Regardless of the particular style, however, all my items have a classic influence that makes them timeless.

Thanks for visiting!
~Kari Michelle ♥

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