~Frequently Asked Questions~

If you don't live and breathe jewelry like I do, some of the things I've mentioned on this blog may not make a whole lot of sense to you.  I wanted to explain a few things so you can have an obsession like me you'll know what I mean by certain terms.
  • Swarovski crystal - I adore Swarovski crystal.  To me, it is just behind diamonds in beauty.  It has the most sparkle of any crystal you can buy because it has the highest lead percentage.  Now, I know that there has been a lot said lately about how dangerous lead is - that's why my jewelry is only intended for adults.  Wearing Swarovski crystal is perfectly safe.  (Trust me - I would have died long ago.)
  • Sterling silver - sterling silver is a good quality metal.  It's 92.5% pure silver.  The rest is made up of alloys -  this gives sterling silver its strength.  Pure silver is very soft, so it isn't suitable for most jewelry.  Wearing sterling silver is also a good way to avoid an allergic reaction - no irritated ears from nickel or green fingers from cheap gumball machine rings.
  • Lobster clasp - lobster clasps are what I use on almost all of my necklaces.  They are made to be very secure and can only be opened with a small lever.
  • Toggles - toggles are a type of clasp made from a ring and a bar.  These are normally used for bracelets, but have other uses as well.  The bar fits inside the ring when turned sideways and then can't fit back out when it's straight across.  These are not as secure as lobster claps, but are safe for everyday use.
  • Earwires - a more modern type of earring

  • Ear posts - more traditional style

If y'all have any other questions, let me know! 
~Kari Michelle ♥

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