~Chameleon Earring Collection~

These earrings are a completely original design by Creations by Oh! Kari! The Chameleon Earring Collection© is a unique concept - one pair of earrings, endless ways to wear them. (Even my husband thought this was a cool idea!) You buy the basic set and then you can add different colors and styles from there. The stones can be switched out with another pair to match your outfit for the day. The general design is simple and classic, which lets you change the style depending on the dangles you select for the day.

The basic set comes with one base pair of earrings and 3 pairs of dangles.  You can choose any 3 pairs of dangles that you like.  (There are only 3 pairs of hot pink dangles and 2 pairs of white millifiori dangles available)  The basic set is $63 and each additional pair of dangles is $21.

To order, please email me at  Shipping is a flat rate of $5 and I ship all orders by priority mail.

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