FAQ - Lampwork

Hi y'all -

Today I wanted to give you a little bit of information on lampworked beads.  They're my favorite focal beads to work with.  No two are alike, and they can really make a necklace come alive.

Lampworking is a process that requires training and experience.  The best lampwork artists just have a natural talent for it.

To create a lampworked bead, you begin with a mandrel (metal rod).  Glass rods are melted with a torch and wrapped around the mandrel.  Depending on your experience you can make a variety of designs and patterns.  Tools can also be used to create different finishes and shapes.  The picture below is an example of the lampworking process.

After the bead is completed, it is annealed to prevent cracking (heated to a very high temperature and then slowly cooled).

If you ever get the chance to watch a lampwork artist, take it!  It's amazing to watch them create a bead before your eyes. 


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